• Time: 50,000,000,184 k181+134° 234’ 180”
  • Place: <E-K-R-L:~ 77gaknaElestikokáso\vet\gadkao1>
  • Character Set: Blockade[1]

The site grand forum really looks like a discussion area that the Romans made in a long unspecified time ago. Everyone came and babbled there and generally had a good time.

It is an excellent spot for announcements: there is an absolutely enormous notice board, 46 F × 48 F (about two hundred meters on each side) and as this is the internet, one can fly up and read any part of the board, no matter how small.

In this case, Doroeste took the biggest paper he could find and plastered it over the board. In big bold letters he wrote:

Meeting at 200° over in the passenger terminal. All must attend.

Then all he has to do is to wait for the people to start flooding in. He’ll wait.

(This chapter may have continuation.)


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