• Time: 50,000,000,184 k180+670° 310' 16"
  • Place: Flat K, 484238/F, Tower 2a, 384,350 Telestor Street, District 7, Calendia
  • Character Set: Block

It wasn't a grand flat; at most it had ten, maybe a dozen thousand square feet every floor for two of them. But with a bedroom, two bathrooms, a bar, a kitchen, a storage room (also known as a closet), a multi-purpose room, and a living-dining room, it was certainly adequate for one person.

The multi-purpose room was what its name suggests: a room that has many uses and not all of them can be done in other rooms. In it was filled to the brim of what Doroeste had always done: a collection of old bottles, cans, photos and the odd scrap of fur. It also contains a smallish gym of course, a computer. No flat or house will be complete without at least two; governments have so few pressing things left in the world that by now that everyone is given a computer with government funding. It was still sort of amusing that people insist that this is more than a computer, with calls of "It can instantly undo anything you have ever done!" or "It has a taste-sensitive microphone!" but deep down it's really just a computer. A computer with storage spaces measured in scientific notation of the logarithm and freakishly huge RAMs but still a computer.

In any case, it was not long before something happened.

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 : Hello, Doroeste.
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 : What is it, boss? Another one of those large street gangs in some odd planet ninety trillion parsecs from here? A million crowds of locusts attacking planets fifteen billion Submachines off Nowheresville?
EvitosteKelostreDise  : Yeah, pretty much. In which case substitute "street gangs" for "invasion of the Bilanstoke" and "ninety trillion parsecs" for, well, "168 trillion parsecs" and you've got our general situation.
GIV  : Tell me how this is different from any other Bilanstoke invasion in the past twenty years.
EKD  : Well, this time they seem much smarter than usual.
GIV  : As in?
EKD  : You know that even though they have all of our technology and most of our cunning they always leave an obvious gaping hole in their plan which means their untimely defeat?
GIV  : Yeah.
EKD  : Now there's none.
GIV  : Not even non-obvious gaping holes in their plans?
EKD  : Not a sausage.
EKD  : Though, we do have a plan.
GIV  : Which is?
EKD  : To game.
GIV  : Clarify.
EKD  : A game that edits reality in only the oddest way possible.
GIV  : Reality-editing games? Pish. We've done those eighty thousand years ago! Tell me how we manage to make such beautiful works as Dekorandse without it!
EKD  : It sends meteors, and sends things off to another universe, in D15 perhaps.
GIV  : So, you're telling me that we have to beat this game?
EKD  : Yeah.
GIV  : Well, where's the data?
EKD  : Search for it!
EKD  : Here's the file:
EKD  : /DeklostekonsadoAronstetugolasten18347.cpf sent/
EKD  : Use it.
GIV  : How?

No reply. What a stupid boss to have. Oh well, might as well write that letter of abstinence. For the next month or so.
But before that, maybe he should try some of the stuff in the archive file. It shouldn't hurt.

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