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Logo of the Calendian Metro. In signs, the top part (above the square, sans the line) is used.

The Calendian Metro is a metro network that just so happens to be in Calendia. Built 19 244 PDN, it is over 12 billion years old. One of its distinct features is that the stations, save for a couple exceptions, are very far away from each other. This is another way of showing just how big Calendia really is.


There are 17 lines and well over 200 stations in the metro system. There are also smaller sub-systems for some stations, though they are not counted with the main network. It integrates itself with the Calendian Railway System as well as the Super Train system, though only the latter is counted with the network. Below is a summary of the network.

Complete Map and Distribution of the Calendian Metro
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Line Category Line Name (Abbreviation) Terminus A Terminus B Total Stations Interchange Stations Connections
The Loops High Loop (AV) Galtenga Rotun 89 25
Middle Loop (AM) Losendar Elsenu 63 20
Low Loop (AT) Losendar Elsenu 49 13
The Circle North Line (MG) Orpulťe Lūš 35 10
East Line (MK) Bostepe Villas Galogonte 17 9
South Line (MLZ) South Eleyoba Ellyentan 26 8
West Line (MP) North Suburbs South Eleyoba 20 8
The Cross Central Line (Se) Transport Interchange Eltüson 31 13
Sun Line (Su) Tavros Extended Loganar 26 8
The Detritus East-Central Line (KS) Etaguru Elsenu 17 7
6-4-6 Line (ŒF) Besiyon NE Uzorena 21 10
Suburban Line (FD) Bised Yodanren 36 + 6[1] 9 + 2[1]
Line of 10 Roofs (DO) Calendia Railway Station Private Transport Station 6 3
The Satellites East Reaches Line (BK) Bised Goseli 11 6
Village Line (An) Bised[2] Oyonose[2] 14 + 5[2] 5 + 2[2]
The Restricted[3] Airport Express (LV) Capitol Spaceport 7 7
Calendia-Sutrenbasto Express (KS) Galtenga Vintrendif, Sutrenbasto[4]  ???[4]  ???[4]


  1. 1.0 1.1 The first number is for the main line; the second for the Metropolitan Spur.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Like the Suburban Line, this line has branches. Other candidates for termini include Lagasuren and Belize for A and Lovüs and Oyonose West for B. If applicable, first number is for the main path from Bised to Oyonose, the next number counts those that are left out in that route. "Interchange station" counts all stations which have more than two sets of tracks coming out of it.
  3. A misnomer, as these are regular lines accessible by anyone. They refer back to the days when they were indeed restricted zones.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Calendian jurisdiction ends at Elesorne, 7 stations (6 interchange stations) away.