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Date and Time 05.12.2030 12:50:00 UTC
Place 2904 E 23rd street, New York[1]
Code Élnésós

The alarm clock blared and kept bashing itself for no particular reason other than to wake up Cree. He stopped his alarm clock’s constant self-inflicted suffering, and got off his bed and had his breakfast.

Ugh, it’s cornflakes again. He finished his soggy cornflakes, got his money and dashed out into the freezing December morning.

He continued on and caught a bus to school.

Bell. First class. Go off to Language Studies and get bashed for not finishing his essay for a week.

Bell. Second class. Off to Geometry and get lambasted for not getting his units straight.

Bell. Third class. Advance to Chemistry and get laughed at for saying that 50 oxygen atoms make 50 oxygen molecules (he is that bad at math.)[2]

Bell. Fourth class. Move off to Geography and finally get a time to shine – but not today. The teacher is sick, and he has essays to write instead.

Bell. Lunch. Get squeezed down to the canteen, get the measly slops that the lunch ladies claim is beef, be squashed like a sardine into the heavily under-supplied seats and eat the salty mess. Then it’s his “favorite” time – Get Picked on by Bullies on the Many More Unusual Aspects of His Life, especially His Cross-Dressing Name. It went so far as to have its own name. It may be long, it may be overly self-descriptive, but it’s a name, and that’s that.

Bell. Fifth class. Lucky for him, it’s PE. Today, it’s Baseball, Part 5. Let’s just say that it was terrible for him. But finally, his big break came. What was it? School is canceled! It’s home-time for him (as with all the other reindeer schoolchildren). Well, it should just be karma, because one should not (and theoretically could not) have 4 hours straight bad luck.

So what is this beautiful thing that saved me from certain death in PE? Cree thought to himself. He had an impulse to find the source, and whether he could depend on it again.

He got out his Ghenfos[3] and saw what it was. It was not pretty at all.


  1. Note: there is no such address in real life (according to Google, East 23rd Street terminates at 2874.
  2. Though in retrospect, it might just be his slip of the tongue, as he had said, “And here, you would see that these 50 oxygen atoms got burnt with carbon to make 50 carbon dioxide molecules – whoops, I mean 25…”
  3. A Ghenfos is a bit like an iPhone, but for teenagers. Made by Unnamed Generic Corporation, it has the annoying capability of turning itself off after a time, making teenagers unable to use it for more than a set period of time. The only reason that Cree uses it is because Helen is one overprotective dad.

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