Despite its name, Egonyota Bulilla is not a language. Well, it used to be, but then it was Ascended into a Higher Plane of Existence: having no native speakers, it is a giant vocabulary pool, comparable to Latin or Greek. The main difference is that it continually accepts new roots coming from other languages and accepts loans like any living language.


The history of Egonyota Bulilla is relatively easy to ask. It was spoken by the Bulla, a group of people living on the Igaltor Desert, right on the other side of the continent of Ordžojan from Calendia. The Bulla settle in a river that cuts the desert, the Idolto, which is the namesake of the country that the Bulla live in.

Egonyota Bulilla was the lingua franca of the Igaltor Desert, and the Renfeno Ocean that surrounds it. Attestment of the language reached as far as Erso, one ocean and two countries away.