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The Eight Continental Heroes (Egonyota Pasaru: DürsetTekyü Farfe)* are eight fairly large countries in Feferisetan. These are major players in the Great War, which lasted from 19 016 to 19 021 PDN. They are Yelsokapo, Greysolvita, Filapro, Dalseve, Vohalyo, Daltakurs, Erso and Agresa.


Continental configurationEdit

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At the time, Pseudo was approaching a supercontinent state and the continents are slowly coming together. The large amount of oregenies that appear in the shallow seas that separate the remaining continents force up a large amount of seamounts; some of them poke up the sea to become islands. These islands are fertile, vital to sea travel and a great base for argument. Lots of wars were waged, but one, final, total battle has yet to be fought.

The Great WarEdit

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During the years 19 016 to 19 021 PDN there was a period of intense war between two whole continents. This war was the one that finally convinced the Pseudoans that war is getting a little bit silly for them, especially when they all have extremely deadly weapons that can kill each other with ease.

This is where the Heroes come in. They are the ones that are responsible for making people realize this.


As the Great War started up, a couple of countries wanted none of it. These countries are mainly in Ordžojan, rather close to the participants but still a long way from the war. This happened soon after the beginning of the war, 3 Atdeg 19 016 PDN*