2033 The Mega Manning Begins

World Map on midnight 2 Jan 2033.

The Enormous Eleven (synonymous with the term 1st Tier Country) are the eleven superstates that were formed by putting together large amounts of small countries on 2 January 2033. They are, from highest number of countries agglutinated together to the smallest, Greater Maghreb, Europa, the Agglutination, the Southeast Asian Union, *Ia, Later Persia, SuperMexico, Union of the Andes, New Gran Columbia, Hockey Stick!, the Continental Union and Greenland. Not part of the Eleven are Western Cape, Russia and Korea.

Distribution of PowerEdit

Each superstate has its own unique number of hit points which roughly measures how powerful it is in World War III.

HPs of all 1st Tier Countries as of 2 Jan 2033
Number Name Hit Points
1 Greenland 19,231,316.1704
2 Southeast Asian Union 3,458,107,244.7621
3 *Ia 70,000,000
4 Later Persia 401,536,775.2183
5 Greater Maghreb 46,936,710.6716
6 New Gran Columbia 526,103,164.4228
7 The Agglutination 1,636,223,084.6186
8 Continental Union 728,102,506.1033
9 Hockey Stick! 2,536,584,602.0384
10 SuperMexico 822,648,005.4967
11 Union of the Andes 518,667,075.2266