Political map of Friskalo, showing its major feature the Sandëbāls.

The southernmost continent of Pseudo is Friskalo. It is a bit like Mr. Average when compared to the extremely flat world of Feferisetan and the extremely moutainous world of Feleqilus. Its capital is Tarba.

Again, nothing to do with a similarly-named character, which I'm not even going to link to this time because it's getting way too overboard.


Friskalo Topology

Topology map of Friskalo.

Friskalo is montaneous compared to Feferisetan, and relatively flat compared to Feleqilus. The bulk of the continent is filled with two planos called the Torťe and the Circumantarctic. These are over 1 000 F high (5 334 m) and at times exceed 2 000 F (11 km up or so). The life here is rather sparse, with very little life. Not none, however, as small animals continue to live on what little vegetation there is on the plano.