Large Work Number

Index Number

No. 9.99.00$003.*

Type of item


Date Started


Date digitized



As needed

Item Path

O:\Meta\Meta of Metas\Large Work

The Large Work Number is a specialization of the Index. It is much smaller than the Index or the Item Path, but is not as powerful. Its name comes not from it being large (especially not in terms of range) but from what it describes: Works that require a lot of maintainence and stretch over a month counts as "large", thus it is bracketed (large work) number and not large (work number).


The Large Work Number consists of its eponymous number along with a set of matching brackets. The brackets correspond to the Index numbers as below:

Comparison of the Index Against the LWN
Large Work Number The Index
(Round Brackets) 3.*
[Square Brackets] 2.*
{Curly Brackets} 8.*
<Angle Brackets> 7.*
/Slashes/ 1.*
|Pipes| 4.*

The number follows not the bb numbers in the Index, but rather chronologically. As the Index numbers are almost always the same as the chronological order, that's not a distinction to be afraid of, not in the near future.