The Loganar Complex, also known by its nickname, Interchange Station Hell, is a place in District 7 of Calendia. The Calendian Metro has six stations in it.


The Loganar Complex is Calendia's attempt at a defense system. It was a large base, inhabited by normal people. In times of crisis, emails will arrive at the owners, telling them that "hey it's the government and did you know that there are tons of buttons we hid in your home? It's true. Now go and press those buttons..." It also acts as a major arcade center and office complex, as well as hosting a small stadium and other leisure things – even a small park! – it's a city-in-a-city really. It also contains a lift to the Second Great Level, one of only two, the other being near the sea.

While the has come to use every so often, it was never used at full power. However, its defenses are always primed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

Ways to get in or outEdit

Loganar Metro Main

The six stations in the Loganar Complex, with platform indicators. They all appear on the ground floor of the place.

As said above there are six stations in the Calendian Metro that lay in the complex. These are the Top, Upper, Central, Middle, Lower, Bottom and Extended Loganar stations. All the loops, as well as the Sun, East and one part of the Suburban Line serve it.

The bus termini 15 to 30 all resides in Loganar. It is also a major endpoint for practically every mode of transportation in existence, including tram, carriages (horse-drawn or otherwise), rickshaws, taxis (all taxi stands starting with LOG are in Loganar, of course), flying carpets and other short-range aerial transportation modes, as well as a couple of teleporation points.

Calendian Metro
High Loop towards Galtenga
Loganar Complex
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High Loop towards Rotun
Middle Loop towards Elsenu
Middle Loop towards Losendar
Low Loop towards Elsenu
Low Loop towards Losendar
Sun Line towards Tavros
Sun Line towards Extended Loganar
Suburban Line towards Bised
Suburban Line towards Yodanren
East Line towards Bostepe Villas
East Line towards Galogonte