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When the fiction linked to the MLP4 universe was first found, it was immediately compiled and transcoded to a large number of media, such as 3DTV, 4DTV, CNTV, METV, comics, DPI and 2DTV (meaning linear + time). However, due to the Original Universe Primordial Premiere Principle (ORP3), it is customary that the universe that originally created the show, i.e. Earth, get first billing, and only then will the show be released to the general (Pseudoan) public.

When the episodes are slowly trickled into the general consciousness, it was received rather averagely. Below are some of the reactions of the Big Four, categorized by planet.



Short of the Äböga Controversy, the reception of Circulars are rather positive. No, their traditional memory does not think that these strange long-legged creatures can be intelligent (fliers, with legs, are mainly non-sentient; Circulars themselves have very short legs and long arms). Point was made over the ponies' strong positive undertones and rather schizophrenic technology.

"Äböga" ControversyEdit

Circulars have heard of horse-like creatures when they met them in some of the moons with denser atmosphers, and called them "abö". When Circulars have seen an actual horse, they found them too big to be called a horse, so they called the smaller ponies "Ekrtabö" (Ekrt + abö, Earth horses) and the larger horses "asicrnoiso". Occasionally, when there is no ambiguity, the "Ekrt" is dropped. This is carried over to the term My Little Pony, which is translated to Toca etrkrcabö.

Obviously, when "Ponyville" was heard, the logical translation would be "Pony + -ville", which would be "abö + -ga" in Cipogrtesaj – Aböga.




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