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I have like most created Music some time in the past and present. And here it is.

There is little to say about music than the songs themselves. Thus, following will be a list of pieces that I have made.


The only things I use is MuseScore, because I think music in a sheet music kind of way. This explains the rather nasty audio quality of some of the audio tracks, as I am still an amateur of it!


  • MuseScore does not play well with Unicode character file names. It's much better than Finale in that regard, but it's still not optimal.
  • The default mix options make the sounds sound horrible. Remove all the echo/reverb options before exporting.

Since then I have also got LMMS and used it.

Index AnomalyEdit

Due to poor foresight on my part, the Index for Music is quite broken:

  • The first 26 are pieces on their own.
  • 3.27.* lists every other piece of music, first by album and then with the individual pieces dollar-signed.
  • The rest are various projects that I will do, such as Regenerated Lyrics.

List of AlbumsEdit

Yes, albums. The Palokrais all use different letters to begin their names, as does the Džëréydiyës.

  1. The Palokrai series: palokrai is, rather than being a tenth special province in Russia or being a good friend with the existing nine, Egonyota Pasaru for alphabet. It then follows that every one of these works in Palokrai will start with a different letter.
    1. Palokrai I contains the first 13 pieces I made.
    2. Palokrai II will contain the next 13.
  2. The Aig Pasaru series is a collection of Pseudoan children's songs. Okay, Feferisetanan children's songs, but that's one continent. That's a lot.
  3. The Džëréydiyë series is planned. Its contents and general premise are already planned, but none are released. If you could again read Egonyota Pasaru, then you should be able to hazard a guess anyway.
  4. Holsidon holds rejects from other albums.


The Systematic album artwork is a system that allows me to make album artwork in a cold and rational matter. It consists of the song's serial number on the top-right, the song's speed and mood on the top-left, the name at the bottom and some arbitrary symbols very roughly based on Bliss at the bottom-right.

Below is the entire SAA list of Palokrai I.

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