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There have been quite a bit of hassle with names. Everyone knows that it is impossible for no one getting nits names mocked in any given fiction. So here are some.

Vriska SerketEdit


Caster: And you are...?
Vriska:[1] Vriska Serket.
Caster: Daughter of Open Serket and Closed Serket I see.


Director: Where's Vriska?
Manager: She's off to get some groceries.
Director: Aw! Just when we're about to tell her that we're about to do the (hushed) scene of the lance.
Assistant: Still, we get a small rhyme for that.
D + M:  ?
Assistant: Vriska Serket went to market
With her eight-sided dice
to get her daily fixer-up of
Powdered meat and rye.
Director: ...why was that rhyme ever made?

Tavros NitramEdit

Some mode of TransportationEdit

N: Your name is Tavros... err... Ni... train?
(Take 2)
N: Tavros Nitruck.
(Take 3)
Tavros Nitricycle.
(Take 4)
N: Tavros Ni-
Director: You know what, let's spice this up a little. We have asked 100 people what Tavros' last name is given that it is N-I then a mode of transportation...

Aradia MegidoEdit

A drop of golden sunEdit

Caster: Name please. And hurry up, it's approaching 1000°.
Aradia: Aradia, miss.
Caster: "Array"? Strange name. And don't call me "dear".

Notes and NavigationEdit

  1. She was at the time Vŕíska Sejrkit, with a tapped R and a gap between the E and the other R.
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