There are many naming conventions in the Pseudoan Empire, and for once, but not the only time, the Pseudoans do not prevail; it is the Xaxex naming convention that is the standard across the empire.


The syntax is:

[First] [Last] [Chosen] [Rank]*

The Chosen name is the name, well, that's chosen by the person that holds the name. The Rank name is optional and is used to determine the position of that person in the social ladder.

Name creationEdit

Like everyone else, names are defined as "anything that does not already mean something." A name to us have lots of hidden meanings, complex origins; but so many of these "meaningful" names are arbitrary already to the Pseudoans (as well as most of the rest of the Empire) in 38 GAB that no one knew the meanings anymore, or get confused with others.

For example, Gallon means Brave, but Gallong is now an janabre's name, whose stereotype is just the opposite! This means that the name Gallong is now useless and mean as much to Pseudoans as the word "lamppad", "striff" or "corlong" means to English speakers: they sound heavily familiar and certainly English, but they don't have any meaning.

Indeed, names are often simply random collections of syllables that do not otherwise mean anything, a common tactic in generic Pseudoan activities. The more sophisticated ones might allude to a word, but it is expressly written that no one shall have a name that is a word with an meaning that was there already – meaning that the set of all possible Pseudoan names is the complement of all words with meaning within the universal set of all legal syllables in Egonyota Pasaru.


The syntax is:

[First] [Middle]* [Maternal]* [Last] [Tribal] "[Honorary]"

The Honorary name is again chosen by the person who holds the name and that happens on the 25th birthday (when calculated in Xaxex years).

The tribal name is rather a complicated issue: in Old Xaxex, towns are usually separated into Tribes, which are small (30 ~ 70) groups of families that share similar or identical values. Therefore, to indicate that, they will add a tribal name to their long names. This name is not commonly used unless formality is required.

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