Delshukayfojn World Map

Map of Delšukayfojn (now named Apocrite), a proposal for the home planet of the bugs.

Nestbound is an offshoot of Homestuck with Universe Number *U. 30 50 60 131 231/2 384 31 Undefined 19 3 8.138 37+23i. This is made by Kazerad and Ræquiem, but as the whole project is open I shall document it here as well.

Scarb Incipisphere

The Incipisphere of Scarb, based on data from the first post of the thread.

There is an IRC Channel, #Bugs at


Confirmed dataEdit

Entire system

The Ehelos system, Apocrite's home system.

Once things are confirmed as canon things can be moved here. If it is about the characters, it might be better to put it on the individual character pages.

Table of Characters in Nestbound
NameHandleText Hex-codeTitleLand
SkedscarletChronologistFC0307Knight of TimeLand of Snow and Bells
IktiemptyLexiconA9BF01Seer of VoidLand of Dunes and Abyss
TazafireflyRomantic7402E8Knight of HeartLand of Cliffs and Hearth
KeshlightningEngineer02CA32Mage of LifeLand of Emeralds and Polarity
AtrireticentFreelancer31B2B2Thief of SpaceLand of Glacier and Spoils
ShiecovertSomnambulistDE02ABWitch of MindLand of Static and Sceptre

Unconfirmed dataEdit

Ectobiology Delša

Ectobiology Graph for Nestbound

Table of Characters in Nestbound (unconfirmed data)

Text Logs Edit

Not Completly Canon

Lotus' LogsEdit

Log's between the various characters by Shadow of the Lotus. (More or less in order)

Pesterchum Role PlayEdit

Solaris and A Salad used the Pesterchum application to speak as Sked and Kesh.


  1. 1.0 1.1 in µm.
  2. The average distance from the center of a bug's head to any part of the back of the bug's head.