Norsi Globe

Global map of Norsi.

Norsi is the closest, innermost, and third-smallest planet on the Pseudoan System. The planet is sparsely populated, as a large portion (almost exactly 50% of it) is a natural and high-temperature geological park, and only some of it is used as living space. Because of its small mass and its geological park's requirement, the planet is sticking to large domes for air storage, instead of the more prevalent method of using Heavy Air.


Norsi's name derives from the Tesma Uviode·maick Noru·zi, who is the Guardian of the Fire in the Elose Trianon. Evidently, this name was chosen because Norsi never strays too far away from Sesukare, being an inferior planet with regards to Pseudo.

It was the fourth planet to be discovered by the Bulillans, because its name in Egonyota Bulilla is diusdettfaih, Moving Star Four. Norsi was chosen in the Globalized Language Project because those living in Ordžojan are well known for being very dull with names and Norsi being far easier to say than diusdettfaih, or its Egonyota Vohaloysun equivalent diusdfa.


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