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The period of time approximately between −190 000 PDN till about 24 000 000 PDN is the period of time in which the most exciting intraplanetary shenanigans of Pseudo happened. This period of time is known as IHP Pseudo or pre-unification Pseudo. This period of time was defined because this is the time when Calendia moved one F.

Geographical stateEdit

The planet at the time is quickly approaching a supercontinent state.[1] Subduction rifts were bringing the land together, closing the extremely rumpled remains of the Mirada and Edrensano Oceans. These oceanic remnants are chock-full of islands, which were used heavily at the time as rest pits, occasional camp-lands, and sovereign territory.

Map Old Pseudo Colored

Climate belts of Old Pseudo.

The Mirada separates Ordžojan and Fenegil; the Edrensano separates these two from Apurhagat and Siťhanor. These four continents are the clocesest to the center of civilization. Separating Ordžojan from the slightly backwater land of Ganorhes is the Anerħa Range, formed −105 000 000 PDN from the Anerħa Oregony, and they are separated from the westernmost continent of Banřello by the shallow Renfeno Ocean. All over the land are large islands that are formed by plates pushing up upon each other, and in the case of the smaller ones, volcanism. The entire mish-mash is surrounded by the Agelta Ocean, a giant, 8 km deep ocean akin to Panthalassa.

Differences from Current-Day PseudoEdit

The main thing is that it has less land. It also had slightly longer days and a lighter planetary mass because the Vertaģu shells were not yet implemented.


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  1. Most of the world's land is concentrated towards one continuous mass, one example is Earth's Pangæa or Pannotia.