Palokrai I
Palokrai I
Released 23.12.2010
Recorded June ~ December 2010
Length 33:21

Palokrai I is the first album by me under Akuuraisondo.

Piece ListEdit

  1. Akdoyvonren (No. 3.01.*): A Minor piece with Piano and Tambourine.
  2. Baptikonyen (No. 3.02.*): A Major piece with Piano, Violin and Wood Blocks.
  3. Istojabeȝo (No. 3.03.*): G Minor piece with Piano, Bassoon and a Snare Drum. First appearance of a bassoon, which soon proves indispensable.
  4. Saltovahr (No. 3.04.*): G Major piece, a solo Piano. Very short.
  5. Xastorojo (No. 3.05.*): F Major piece, a duet with Piano and Harp. Has vague romantic feelings.
  6. Kastoronda(No. 3.06.*): B Major, The first song not using a Piano, instead sporting a snare drum, Piccolo, Violin, Viola and the Bassoon.
  7. Zerehanda (No. 3.07.*): G Major piece. Pentatonic song using the standard Guitar-Bass Guitar-Drum set setup.
  8. Quensindara (No. 3.08.*): Medley of three songs, all G major and using a Piano, a Triangle and a Bassoon:
    1. Quistrodose (No. 3.08.03)
    2. Quezeyodu (No. 3.08.05) and
    3. Quelesósta (No. 3.08.07).
  9. Degrutos (No. 3.09.*): B-flat Major piece using the Guitar-Bass Guitar-Drum Set setup supplanted with an organ.
  10. Galsordokan (No. 3.10.*): A-flat major song using a soprano, a tenor, a Piano, several Violins and Violas and a Contrabass. The first song to have lyrics, although it will be asked for.
  11. Tikijona (No. 3.11.*): A major piece with Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, Contrabasses, Harp and a Standard Drumset.
  12. Cforenso (No. 3.12.*): The only piece to make it out of the C song Dilemma. Has the string quartet and is F major.
  13. Vejisto (No. 3.13.*): B major, containing two guitar sets (one electric and one acoustic), a Violin and a Piano, i.e. standard rock band stuff. Has lyrics!

Audio FilesEdit

Some are available below:


The Dilemma of the CsEdit

The Dilemma of the Cs is a large collection of pieces all starting with C. Not included in the main album, these pieces are all because of a rather unnatural creative burst throughout October 2010. In alphabetical order:

  1. Cakanyüron
  2. Calolunan
  3. Cefūlto
  4. Ceguros
  5. Cehonlho
  6. Cenaniu
  7. Censtulay
  8. Cetena
  9. Cetestifre
  10. Cetresto
  11. Cforenso
  12. Cfornado
  13. Ciciçono
  14. Ciferhof
  15. Cilstao
  1. Ciltre
  2. Cilzako
  3. Cisova
  4. Cistornon
  5. Civino
  6. Ciťotafo
  7. Cletona
  8. Clivensa
  9. Cresna
  10. Cřonsaon
  11. Cťūllü
  12. Cusōto
  13. Cvenstian
  14. Cwerso
  15. Cyeřon

All 30 of them can be listened to in the following YouTube links:

Systematic Album ArtworkEdit


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