Letter found 5th June, 1989.

Room 5350:028, 5350/F,
Tower a2, Merrier Block,
150 047 ~ 150 055 Elanag Street, Baonmao, District 7,

50 000 000 081 k+81 265° 287' 178.9"

Dear sir,

I am writing this to you as part of an ongoing report to show how the species commonly denoted "pony", gáro or gáro ekponæ (Masulzak AOrogai sin Belísoȝ) is affected by a rapid displacement to another planet. In this case, our target planet is Lir (Lyr), a medium-sized planet about three and a half universes next to Ponya.

The reasons for these are numerous. Magnum, the item that allows the Unicorns to have magic, is lost in the universe of Lyr. Lyr is almost six times larger than Ponya, with variable gravity. And water. Lots of seas. No pony would ever had seen that much water in their lives put together.

In all, this is to test whether or not their ilk are able to assimilate easily into other planets, especially ones that are at the edges of their habitable parameters. This will determine how to perfectly integrate them into the general Pseudoan environment as a unity, and hopefully without too much hassle.

Previous precautions are formed. These gáro will not be able to die during this trip, nor would they be able to cause death of anything that can move. (Paralyzed things don't count.) For the sake of privacy, all names will be gently erased or else be replaced by Rť's regular expression lassoing language, for example R— D— or R.*\bD[a-z]+h. You may wish to consult the name cheat sheet or else try to guess the names themselves. As I said, gently erased.

As for the reports themselves, they will always use local terminology, except for a small table at the end listing them together with the name you may be more convenient. As the ponies are moved across the entire globe you will find this rather useful, as the world's sixty or so landmasses are all given emphasis on.

As the experiments now coming to a close, these letters will be written to you and sent as soon as I complete them (moving those heavy beasts around is not an easy thing to do!) You will find them in the same way that you found this one.

If you want to find the source for Lyr, consider clicking here. If you wish to find more on ponies, a source relatively close to the Original Source is here.

Your humble and perhaps-just-a-little-bit-too-adventurous servant,
Janura K. Nisne


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