Notice: this wiki has been inactive for several years now – with the crippling user interface, increasing distaste of maintaining a wiki, a frightening amount of additional content that was not asked for in the form of advertisements, an equally frightening amount of ancient and therefore noticeably lesser-quality work, and a change in the creative process, this wiki is more or less outdated.

As such, from the 23rd November 2015 – but most likely much longer than that before! – this wiki is declared to have reached the end of its useful life, and none of its contents are to be treated as the most up-to-date information anymore.

However, if you so wish to continue to see the continued endeavours of the development of the Jesdic Pasaru, you are welcome to do so via my Tumblr, or soon an actual website with an emphasis on being hand-made and lightweight.

Summary: This wiki has reached end-of-life and is left up solely for archival purposes and link maintenance. Readers should not expect any further updates, corrections, additions or deletions to be made outside of this notice.

Pseudo Wiki

EP:UUr Pasaru

A webspace of stuff that I have created. It's as simple as that. There is going to be a lot coming around and in great numbers, so don't forget to come back every so often. Please?

Parts of this wiki, especially within the context of the Pseudoans, are both:

  • Works of fictions. Any resemblance to any other persons/aliens, living, dead or combinations thereof, are entirely coincidental; and
  • Based on true stories, because of principles that are too complex to display in this tiny table cell. (It has something to do with universes, I swear...)

Table of Contents:

  1. Project Blanket-Fiction
  2. Literature
  3. Music
  4. Fanworks
  5. Science projects
  6. Maths projects
  7. Chess Variants
  8. MSPAs
  9. Meta

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