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English SCPs/Xenomiscellanea
The Four Standard Languages
Egonyota Pasaru Sevuraakvatbib (lit. Unnatural objects)
Serakafph Xaxex Eřinanu vedu (lit. Xeno-miscellanea)
yukũa|Elaga ütæk|Qvalsa {{{yukũa!Elaga ütæk!Qvalsa}}}
Cipogrtesaj Secrkan (lit. Foreign stuff)

SCPs are strange beings/items that cause a lot of trouble for Earth and its biomass, both sapient and latent. These things are contained by a large, woozy, nebulous and secretly subsidized organization practically called the SCP Foundation, and each and every one of these are predictably analyzed completely and given proper treatment. Not that some of them needed them.

Main causes of SCPsEdit

When safely questioned, it turns out that a lot of these things are just a flamingo in the taiga.

Accidental migrationEdit

This is by far the most common cause of the xenomiscellanigenesis. Some items, willfully or otherwise, moved from one universe to another, via things such as latching on to spaceships or direct passage of Maronbai Tubes.

SCP-682 is one such being. After going through the Tube, it was reported that 78he has a major headache going on, because the LoP are, while amazingly similar, just similar, and every molecule of 78his body is stressed to the limit. This causes the grouchiness. It's either that or the whole episode of straying out the crowd, and then pulled out of regular space.

For the laughsEdit

A depressing fact is that some outsiders consider this whole thing is funny, and for a bet or something decides to come out harrassing life. Such examples include #343.

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