Index: No. 7.12.10$001

This is a page for a playtest of Submachine Chess. Further information about the game can be found there.

SubChess pieces

Initial setup

Game Record (Roll over headers to see explanation)
Move # P F M T P F M T
1 c02 -c03 i11 -i10
2Nb01 -d04Nb11 -d09
3Bc01 -a04 c10 -c09
4Nd04 -c06Mh12 -g10
5Nj01 -i03 h11 -h09
6 d02 -d04Nd09 -f10
7 e02 -e04 a11 -a09
8Cd01 -g05Rd12 -e09
9Ni03 -h05Bi12 -j09
10Qe01 -e03Re09 -c09
Move # P F M T P F M T
11 K ~O- ~O-O Nj12 -g09
12Nc06 -d08 K ~O-O
13Nd08 -a11Ri12 -h08
14Na11 xc12Rc08 -c04
15Ba04 -b05Rc04 -c07
16 j02 -j04Rh08 -c08
17Nh05 -i06Bj09 -h12
18 e04 -e05Cd12 -b11
19 i02 -i03Mg10 -h08
20Ni07 -k08Qe12 xc12
SubChess playtest 1 move 021

Move 21

Move # P F M T P F M T
21Rk01 -j05Mh08 -f07
22Cg05 xf07Ng09 xf07
23Mh01 -g04Qc12 -e12
24Nk08 -i07 e11 -e10
25Rj05 -i05Qe12 -d09
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