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Date and Time 05.12.2030 00:04:37 UTC
Place Somewhere in New York City

As Cree finished his homework, he slumped down for the evening news. It was a tough day, what with the bullies insulting his long-held tradition of cross-dressing name choice. It’s basically another day at the movies for him.

“Good evening, whoever who is bothered to watch the news. Boy, do I have news for you—”


Don’t ask. The news is horribly unreliable (but hilariously entertaining) these days.

“Right, I’m sorry, I just wanted to make it funny—”

“Like it isn’t funny already! Just carry on, will you!”

“Alright. Here comes. Blah, blah, blah…”

Cree watched the TV news report, one by one: The fire downtown where he doesn’t need to go, serious theft in a shop he hasn’t even heard of, announcements about some fair that he has no chance to get to, the government talking about something that he doesn’t care about… the list goes on. Then he heard it.

“On international news, a rogue group called the Agglutination has declared that it will attempt to conquer the world, starting from South Africa. Yes, it’s the Agglutination. For some reason, the group has officially bolded the “nation” bit. The representative of South Africa says he will call the nation to step up the defense of the country, although that remains to be seen. The Agglutination is equally quiescent, showing no threat, though to be honest; it would all be behind a curtain that no one could see through. I have one question for the Agglutination: Who wants to rule the world?”

Cree wrote this down on some paper. He also written an outcome: The Agglutination will win. He set to change it.


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