The extensive realm of Chess Variants is a pain on the Index, who struggles to keep it complying with unwritten standards.


In all cases, a nameplate gets one bb number. A list is shown below.

Complete list of Chess Variant Nameplates
Name Index
Eridan Chess No. 7.01.*
Ramp Chess No. 7.02.*
Gryphon Chess No. 7.03.*
Adventurer Chess No. 7.04.*
Transformer Chess No. 7.05.*
Animaniacs Chess No. 7.06.*
Warner Chess No. 7.07.*
WALL-E Chess No. 7.08.*
Hogwarts Chess No. 7.09.*
Supernatural Chess No. 7.10.*
V-Chess No. 7.11.*
Submachine Chess No. 7.12.*
Mulpfimica No. 7.13.*
Zake Sinüku Ģezoþolya No. 7.14.*
Logic Chess No. 7.15.*
Planets No. 7.16.*

The cc numbers takes double duty. Normally, a nameplate only has one actual variant, so this scheme is used:

One-variant cc scheme
cc number Meaning
01 Board
02 Pieces
03 Setup
04 Promotion
05 Rules
10 Playtests
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