Vohalyo is the capital country of the Pseudoan Empire. It is bordered by the Hatdomu Ocean to the north, Greysolvita to the east, Pilsovo, Elokursa and Daltakurš to the south, and Vresteve to the west. It hosts a population of 15.6 trillion. Vohalyo is one of the Eight Continental Heroes and is one of the most long-standing countries on Pseudo.


Pseudo is divided into roughly 20 divisions called íllo, and each íllo has anything from 7 to 30 subdivisions called yünpa. Each íllo has an íllo-capital, an airport and at least one major city to represent it and three highways with numbers less than 100 going through it. Similar with the yünpa.

The structure is rather simplistic, as the premier of Vohalyo and the premiers of everything else in the Powers of Calendia are never the same.